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Assay - a consulting company from Warsaw

We are a pioneer in the implementation of modern and effective business solutions. We support our clients in building a strong and stable position on the market. We help generate solid profits and optimize the company’s operating costs. Our highly qualified specialists will create an optimal and long-term plan of your company’s operation. Regardless of whether the company has existed for years or is just starting – we will help you in its effective development.

Business solutions

Assay Consulting sp. z o.o. works with you and for you in a way that will allow to quickly and effectively implement customized business solutions in your company. The strategies we propose are based on the maximum use of all market opportunities and chances. We want our business solutions dedicated to your company to enable it to achieve a competitive advantage and gain a stable position.

Our investments

We select all of our investments with care, comprehensively analyzing their surrounding and development perspectives. Thanks to this, 100% of our undertakings constantly develop and ROIs reach a few hundred percent.

Assay is business benefits

We will help your company to take the right course. The goal of our activities is to maximize your profit and minimize costs. As a leading consulting company in the country, we have great knowledge and experience in this area. For years, we have been helping clients throughout Poland and around the world to improve their business practices and implement innovative and effective solutions.

We will solve your problems

By using the services of an experienced partner, you save your valuable time and money. If your current business management does not allow you to develop a new business strategy or improve your current one, Assay will help you in it. The bigger profits of your company will be our common victory. Decide whether the optimal path to consecutive business successes will be evolution or revolution. We will take care of the rest.


Do you know what is the key to the success of any enterprise? In our opinion, it is perfectly educated and prepared staff. By opting for our consulting services, you can be sure that the fate of your company will be entrusted to professional advisors – top-class specialists in all areas of business that are relevant to your company’s activity. Instead of multiplying job positions, take advantage of the experience of people for whom the challenges facing your company are a part of everyday life.

Solutions tailored to your company

By offering consulting services at the highest level, we know perfectly well that there are no two identical business situations. We remember about this by proposing an individual solution for your company and using the extensive experience of our team. We always create strategies closely tailored to your needs. The potential benefits of your company lie in proven schemes, as well as opportunities that you have not yet seen and are not being seen by competitors. Our task is to identify them and provide you with a long-lasting profit.

Path to success

Each success constitutes the effect of many variables, but results mostly from an idea which goal is to answer the real needs of others. In many cases it happens that even the best idea, which may be successful, comes across many problems such as organizational, financial, or managerial ones. It’s worth to allow Assay Investment to help and provide support with its knowledge, contacts, and experience. With us it’s just easier for you to spread your wings.

Assay Łukasz Blichewicz

Łukasz Blichewicz

Assay Iwo Rybacki

Iwo Rybacki

Assay Paweł Kruszyński

Paweł Kruszyński

Łukasz Blichewicz

As part of the Assay Group's activities, he is the President of the Management Board. Responsible for running projects related to economic consulting, audits and market research. He runs a Steering Committee assessing the prospects of start-up projects. He actively participates in the selection of projects requiring co-financing and the process of enterprise valuation. He has worked in the corporate sector for 7 years, during which he held various managerial functions and participated in projects in the field of cost and process optimization. He graduated in management, pursuing two specializations - finance and strategic marketing.

Iwo Rybacki

Iwo Rybacki is a member of the Assay Group Management Board, As part of his operating activities, he conducts processes for obtaining loans and other forms of financing enterprises. He is responsible for the entire process related to the sale of real estate as well as companies from the industrial sector. Iwo Rybacki has been an entrepreneur for 11 years, running various projects throughout Poland. For 7 years, he has been strongly associated with the credit industry, he acquires financing for corporate clients. He graduated the Warsaw University of Life Sciences in the field of Management and Production Engineering, specializing in modern technologies related to renewable energy.

Paweł Kruszyński

As part of the Assay group, he is a Member of the Management Board. He is responsible for the policy of managing and acquiring strategic partners and related investor relations. He actively participates in processes related to the creation of conceptual models for start-up projects and entities seeking sources of recapitalization. He collected experience in the financial sector, specializing in the capital market investment sector for 6 years. He gained his knowledge at the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in the faculties of Administration and Management.

„Consulting as part of a project implemented with Assay brings a multiple return on investment. The prepared recommendations and analyses are still a distinguishing feature to us.”
„Introducing a start-up to the market is a much easier task thanks to Assay. Knowledge, contacts and experience cannot be overestimated.”
„After cooperating with other companies, we lost hope, but thanks to Assay, we sold our company - without worrying about searching for buyers, meetings and documents.”
„The market research, which Assay has carried out for us, helped us to double the sales in one year. It is worth investing in knowledge.”
„So far, we have not been positive about cooperating with a consulting business when restructuring our company. Assay convinced us and we definitely do not regret our decision.”
„Corporate loans and leasings obtained with Assay are an effective and painless process. We sign the applications, deliver the documents and ... we wait for approval.”