Polish Independent Games Developer, Hyperstrange, Takes the Lead in Competitive Gaming Industry

Hyperstrange, an independent games developer and publishing house, is bringing the European video game market to the forefront of the video game industry by producing and publishing highly successful games like Elderborn and Frozenheim.
Hyperstrange, the Poland-based independent games developer and publishing house, is emerging as a leader in producing and publishing video games. Founded in 2015 as a video game studio with only two people producing one game, Hyperstrange was acquired by the Assay Group, an independent venture capital firm. After having trouble getting games published, Hyperstrange decided to start publishing the games themselves. One of Hyperstrange’s first successes came with their release of Elderborn, which is a metal action fantasy slasher for PC. The video game currently has had over 300,000 players log on to the game. Each time Elderborn goes on sale it sells over 100,000 copies and has become a widely recognized game. The success of Elderborn has enabled Hyperstrange to partner with other studios, and now has 24 video games in their catalog, and is currently working with over 20 independent studios across Europe to publish their video games.