Assay Group


The bond is a fixed income debt security. This form of capital earning is used by companies, local government units and governments to finance projects and operations. The bond holders are the issuer's creditors. The bond details include the end date for the principal repayment of the loan to the bondholder and typically include the terms of payment of variable or fixed interest by the borrower.


Shares are a type of securities that represent the proportional ownership of the issuer. They entitle shareholders to a portion of the assets and profits of the corporation whose shares they own. Shares are traded mostly on exchanges, but can also be sold privately. They form the basis of almost every portfolio. Purchase and sale of shares is subject to regulations that protect investors from unfair practice.

Bills of exchange

An bill of exchange is a debt security. It constitutes an unconditional obligation of the issuer to pay a specified person a specified sum of money within a specified period. Bills of exchange are an alternative to bonds and other fixed income investments. Entrepreneurs and investors more often choose THIS form of cooperation, as each bill of exchange is issued individually, which causes greater flexibility in setting the terms and particulars of the transaction than, for instance, in bonds.


When making an investment decision, we consider many factors relating to the market, costs to be incurred, and the founding team. The successes of our portfolio companies prove the effectiveness of the Assay Group. For us, the security and stability of the entire investment portfolio is equally crucial. That is why we are present in many industries and sectors, which allows us to maintain high resistance to market, competitive or legislative risk and ensure a similarly high security of capital.