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Investor relations

We are currently observing “golden times” for start-ups in Poland. Young, ambitious entrepreneurs, who have many innovative and interesting ideas, are entering the market. If you are interested in returns on investment that reach hundreds or thousands of percent in a few years, contact us. We carefully select and analyze companies that we decide to present to our investors. By investing your capital in a project that we suggested to you at Assay Investment, you can be sure that your risk is minimized to the limit and that the prospect of profits is one of the highest on the market. In addition to the successes achieved, the proof is that we hardly ever charge financial compensation for our services. Together with the investor, we engage in a project, supporting young entrepreneurs in running it.

If you’ve had enough of investments yielding returns at a level of 2-10% per annum, look no further. Write to us or call us and get to know the current offers of Assay Investment!

Investor relations - FAQ

Do I have to be familiar with the industry in order to be able to invest safely?

No. Even before offering a given transaction to an investor, we carefully examine its subject, recognize the industry, opportunities and threats. Already in the implementation phase, we stay in very close contact with the company, managing a part of its affairs and engaging in its everyday life, so that you receive all relevant information along with recommendations on a regular basis.

How much money do I need to have to invest?

We run projects of very different scales. Most of the start-up and recapitalization projects are within the framework of PLN 250,000 and PLN 10,000,000 - if you are in possession of this level of funds and want to invest, we will find a project for you.

What is the investment risk in this type of capital investment?

The investment risk is very different for various projects, and the rates of return differ. Each project is discussed individually with the investor, outlining the numerical risks and key success factors that limit it.

How long before I can receive my money back and what is the rate of return?

With each project, we try to show the investor an optimal moment to exit from the venture. While the recovery of capital is usually not a problem, the optimization of the exit requires a thorough analysis of the circumstances. Most often we recommend exiting the project in the period between 2 and 5 years from the first payment and the rates of return vary from 50% to 2000% per annum.