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Loan for companies

It is no secret for anyone that investing in your company guarantees its constant development and continuous strengthening of the market position. Sometimes, however, out of fear that own equity is not enough, we want to give up our plans. In this situation, it is worth considering a company loan.

The creditworthiness of companies

Do not be afraid that you will not obtain financing due to lack of hard security such as real estate or low income – we are able to provide offers that are based on the level of turnover and not profits, and a mortgage will not be a requirement. We will assess your creditworthiness by analyzing financial results, also taking into account such factors as timely payment of contributions for the Social Insurance Institution, income tax return or CIT, as well as VAT. Next, we will present a detailed report, which will result in the optimal course of action and specific offers of banks.

Sources of financing enterprises

Without experienced professionals, obtaining investment credit can be a complicated and time-consuming process. Thanks to the combination of thorough analysis and our many years of experience, we can assess which institution to choose – each of them has its own risk assessment system that has no secrets before us. Client’s recommendations are important to us, therefore at every stage, we negotiate the interest rate conditions on your behalf. The result of our cooperation may be the consolidation of your current company loans or individual loans in order to obtain better optimal cost conditions.

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Loan for companies - FAQ

What documents may a bank require when applying for a loan?

In each case, we individually select institutions and a list of required documents by adapting offers and processes to your specific situation. As a rule, these are registration and financial documents, information on co-owners as well as possible safeguards.

How long can the process of granting a loan last?

It depends on the complexity of the entrepreneur’s financial situation and his expectations. The simplest cash loans can be obtained even in one day, but on the other hand, wide-ranging financial plans for entities with a multi-level structure can be analyzed for up to 2-3 weeks.

Do I need to know what kind of loan I want to apply for before starting the process?

No. Before you apply for a loan, you should only think about your financial needs. After analyzing your situation, we will present a solution that will be best adapted to them.