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Leasing is one of the most beneficial forms of purchase of fixed assets for the enterprise. The main advantage is that you do not have to involve your own capital to finance your projects. Leasing companies facilitate access to cash and apply simplified procedures when applying for the purchase of a new car. However, if you are interested in more complex projects – purchase of an entire fleet, construction of a machine park or purchase of medical equipment – it is worth contacting professionals.

Not all leasing companies have the same scope of activity. Not every entrepreneur knows that he can lease property. Thanks to Assay Finance, you will learn what fixed assets you can buy in this way, what type of leasing to choose, how to properly book it and enter it into accounts, or how to handle all formalities effectively. We will show you how to use leaseback, increasing your liquidity. For years, we have been helping our clients in obtaining funds for the implementation of varied projects. Our experience allows us to choose an adequate type of financing: financial leasing or operating leasing. After analyzing your situation and the project you intend to carry out, we will present you with selected individual offers. We will prepare complete documentation and guide the process by monitoring and informing you at every stage. In Assay Finance, we act comprehensively.

If you are wondering how to finance your plans, you are thinking about taking out a lease – call us or write to us!

Leasings - FAQ

What can be financed via leasing?

As a rule - fixed assets that can be disposed of on the secondary market. These are not just cars, vans and lorries. Thanks to this form of financing, we can purchase machines, medical and computer equipment, and even real estate. If you are not sure whether you can use a lease for your purchase - contact us, we will certainly help you.

I've just started my business, can I take a lease?

Yes, but only in selected cases. Most willingly, new passenger and delivery cars are financed. Some initial payment may also be required. If you need additional information or you are afraid that you may not receive a lease - call us!

Should I choose operating or financial lease?

The main difference lies in the manner of accounting and settlement. Operational leasing is characterized by the fact that deductible depreciation is constituted by the initial payment and full leasing installments - VAT is paid proportionally. In turn, in the case of finance leasing you have the right to amortization and only the interest part of the installment is an expense. In this case, we pay the VAT in advance. This decision requires knowledge about the financial and tax situation of your company. We will help you to analyze this and choose the best form.