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Factoring is one of the most desirable financial services for entrepreneurs, alongside leasing and line of credit. It allows you to use the funds “frozen” on invoices with a deferred payment date without having to use credits. After a precise analysis of your needs, Assay Finance will help you reduce the debt flow cycle by selecting an adequate solution. Global factoring is quite popular on the market; it disburses from 80% to 100% of the invoice value immediately after its issue, but what is characteristic here is the so-called regress, i.e., the need to return the funds paid in the absence of payment from the buyer. Depending on your individual situation, our team will advise you on other types of factoring that will not only reduce the risk of losing your company’s financial liquidity, but also use full factoring to minimize the risk of your contractor’s insolvency. Perhaps you would like your liabilities to be regulated for you using debt factoring? We are able to answer even the most complex requirements.

If you are interested in improving financial liquidity, you are looking for additional financing sources or you have other needs related to the finances of your company – write to us or call us!

Factoring - FAQ

What type of factoring can I use thanks to Assay Finance?

Each type of factoring for companies is available in the Assay Finance offer. We comprehensively deal with financing entrepreneurs, using all financial solutions available on the financial market.

Is creditworthiness tested in the case of factoring?

In the case of factoring, the financial condition of contractors is more important, therefore this service may be used by entrepreneurs whose financial situation may not allow the use of other forms of financing of current operations.

Do I need to know what kind of factoring I am interested in before I make contact?

No. Let our specialists carefully examine the financial condition of your company by indicating the optimal solution.