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IT outsourcing

The efficient operation of every successful enterprise depends to a large extent on the applied IT solutions. They enable us to control every aspect of the company’s activity, manage key projects and automate all possible processes in order to save time and reduce costs. The IT solutions functioning in the enterprise include, among others, equipment and infrastructure, software, processes and a team of IT specialists. The role of the IT department in each company is also dynamic response to potential failures, their rapid repair, as well as IT support addressed to other employees of the company using electronic equipment.

Realizing how much information technology decides about the success of modern enterprises, we have introduced comprehensive IT outsourcing to our consulting services, addressed to all those interested in cooperation and implementation of effective business solutions.

We carry out comprehensive infrastructure deployments as part of IT outsourcing regarding both the hardware and system services. Choosing the right equipment and infrastructure as well as software is the first step to provide the company with adequate IT support and process improvement throughout the company.

In addition, thanks to IT outsourcing you gain precise audits and take over care of existing infrastructures and provide helpdesk services. Such a solution is more profitable for many companies than maintaining an internal team of specialists because it allows to significantly reduce costs, while maintaining the same efficiency. IT outsourcing simply pays off.

We will help you improve IT processes. The success of your company often depends on the speed of its operation and response to changing conditions – we will help you manage your company projects even more efficiently. In addition, we will organize the data stored in the company and adapt the entire infrastructure to the requirements imposed by the data protection authorities.

Contact us, we will certainly help you with any IT support issues. Thanks to us, you will not only implement beneficial solutions, but also reduce the costs associated with IT support for the company.

IT outsourcing - FAQ

Is IT outsourcing safe?

Yes. We conduct all IT outsourcing activities in a manner that is lawful and safe for the client. We work with many companies and institutions responsible for data security and our specialists are among the best in their fields.

What IT services does Assay provide?

First of all, we provide a full IT outsourcing service, including helpdesk services, hardware purchases, connection implementation and many others. In addition, we specialize in dedicated IT solutions, prepared for the client's needs, such as creating websites, call center systems, as well as stationary and mobile applications.