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HR outsourcing

Outsourcing of recruitment, HR and payroll processes, training and outplacement is carried out with great care. Bearing in mind that every company is made up of people, we always act discreetly, effectively and quickly, taking care of working out the best model for communicating change. We adapt our activities to the needs of specific clients, keeping in mind the organizational culture, the management and communication model in your company.

HR outsourcing - FAQ

Do you run recruitment projects as part of HR outsourcing?

Yes. We acquire highly qualified employees, from specialist positions upwards. We do not provide services suitable for temporary work agencies in the case of physical occupations.

Do you run Staff Leasing Projects?

Yes. As part of HR outsourcing, our employees provide services to your company. Together with you, we select the best specialists, we care for their current system of work, settlements and documents.

Do I have to participate in the process of selecting employees?

No. The client's participation in the selection of outsourced employees is completely voluntary. Regardless of your decision, we select the best teams and people who meet the requirements of your company.