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Financial controlling outsourcing

Efficient and effective allocation of costs in the company is the basis of its functioning. When conducting controlling processes, such as budgeting, cost allocation, expenditure verification or evaluation of return on investment, we always fight to make every penny spent in your company bring as much as possible. By putting our controlling processes into our hands, you can be sure that the funds working on your company are used in the most effective way possible.

Financial controlling outsourcing - FAQ

What is controlling outsourcing?

It is the transfer of independent financial supervision into the hands of Assay Consulting. We follow our company's financial results on an ongoing basis, identify opportunities and threats, and alert you to important situations that may pose a threat to its liquidity or formal security.

Is controlling outsourcing safe?

Yes. All data exchanged are covered by an absolute trade secret and are never passed on to persons other than those indicated by first and last name.

What is the purpose of financial controlling outsourcing?

Financial controlling outsourcing is a service aimed at highlighting the opportunities and threats arising from the company's current operations and financial results. It serves the ongoing definition of risks and investment opportunities that may remain unidentified through the direct scope of internal and accounting control.