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Marketing activities

At Assay Consulting & Research, we do not only prepare a plan and directions within strategic marketing. We also run comprehensive implementations of marketing campaigns. We work with media houses on your behalf, we look after your website, optimize it as part of SEO. We manage Internet and “stationary” campaigns – we will support you in organizing events as well as in conducting an original, ambient campaign.

Marketing activities - FAQ

What marketing activities can Assay carry out for me?

The selection of marketing activities for a given company depends on the products offered, the market in which it operates, financial capabilities and competition activities. We use all possible and legitimate marketing activities, guided by the optimization of effects.

In which channels does Assay conduct marketing activities for its clients?

Virtually all currently available on the market. Internet, press, outdoor, events, PR activities and many more.

Do I have to have a predetermined marketing concept?

No. We support our clients from the first moment of cooperation, planning joint marketing activities tailored to the financial capabilities and portfolio owned. We do not expect ready-made briefs for specific projects.