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Market research

Most of the goods and services markets are in constant evolution. Decision-making patterns of consumers often change from year to year and even proposals best suited to their expectations often quickly lose their relevance. It is therefore worth getting information from the market on an ongoing basis to respond to dynamic changes and adapt their assortment to them, as well as to plan the production, distribution and communication strategies to the final recipients accordingly. How to achieve it? The only way to follow current trends is regular market research.

Marketing research is one of our specialties. Over the years, we have had many opportunities to conduct market research dedicated to various industries and thanks to that we know how to effectively collect and aggregate consumer opinions, then draw conclusions from the resulting reports and, based on them, improve company strategies.

At your request we will conduct an in-depth research illustrating the market in which you operate and neighboring markets. The first step will be to determine your current and potential target group. Then we will select the research tools appropriate to your needs, including budget ones. Quantitative and qualitative marketing research is constantly evolving and thanks to that it allows us to better understand the specificity of the market, as well as keep current and potential customers.

As experts and practitioners, we follow current trends and our market research allows us to acquire knowledge still unavailable to your competitors. Thanks to them, at the start you gain an advantage when implementing new products and improving the current range. An investment in marketing research is at the same time an investment in effective communication to clients, because analyzing their needs and market environment, you can be sure that your advertising will prove effective.

Therefore, the part of the budget allocated for market research is also an investment that quickly and limits your business risk. Entrust your market analysis to specialists and report to us.

Market research - FAQ

What kind of market research do you perform?

As part of the research conducted by Assay Consulting, we conduct all effective forms of market research. We operate on B2B and B2C markets, we conduct qualitative and quantitative research. We always tailor the form to the client's needs so as to minimize costs and maximize the effects.

How much does the market research conducted by you cost?

Each market research must be priced individually. There are no two identical problems and, consequently, there are no two identical solutions. We always try to choose the method and channel that will give the best answers to the questions asked while optimizing costs.

Prior to the research, do I have to define how I want it to be carried out?

No. At the beginning of the project, together with the client, we determine the purpose of the research. Knowing it, combined with initial knowledge of the organization, its products, target group and environment, we are able to recommend the best solution in the field of market research.