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Acquiring business partners

In today’s network based on mutual relations between enterprises, a reliable and stable business partner is worth his weight in gold today. Regardless of what your company does, trusted business partners are at the foundation of its success. These include suppliers, IT partners, logistics companies, distributors and recent clients. Favorable terms of cooperation with partners allow your company to reduce costs and multiply profits. In this chain, each link must work efficiently to ensure timely execution of orders.

Business partner - how to find him?

Acquiring business partners is one of the main areas of our company’s activity. We will help you find reliable partners from the whole chain of connections – from suppliers, through cooperating partners and joint venture, to the final recipients of your product. Together with us, you will find that the synergy effect is no fairy tale, and the audience market can still be expanded, even if the market is very competitive, and it seems to you that you have already exhausted all possibilities of expansion and increase of profit.

Our tasks also include making the acquisition of business partners for your company consist in signing exceptionally beneficial contracts with external companies. After gathering the information you expect about potential collaborators, we will be happy to support you in the process of effective negotiation of contracts, commercial terms and general principles of cooperation. We will take care of both your economic and legal interest. We have extensive experience in this matter, therefore we will prepare all the documents needed for this purpose in such a way that you can be sure that your company’s affairs are going according to your plans, and the continuity of its operation will not be jeopardized if one of your partners fails to comply with the contractual agreements. See how much you can gain by entrusting business partners and negotiating contracts to specialists.

Acquiring business partners - FAQ

What is the project of gaining business partners based on?

The project of gaining business partners consists in selecting appropriate contractors on behalf of or for the client, both on the side of suppliers, customers and cooperators.

How are partnering projects carried out?

We conduct business partner acquisition projects based on external sources of data, internal contacts of ours and our contractors as well as publications in appropriate media tailored to the situation.

How much does it cost to acquire business partners?

Each project of acquiring business partners is priced individually. Costs and time of implementation depend primarily on the scale of operations and the expected number and size of acquired contractors.