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Market research and marketing

Research projects handled by Assay Consulting intend to answer market questions which are asked by your company. We execute B2B and B2C market researches. We take advantage of all available methods and channels of acquiring information. We have access to a number of databases basing on which we may select required information in order to achieve profits by your company. We handle primary research in the form of surveys, interviews, and acquiring hard data from companies in the form of observations or focus groups. We easily operate in terms of Internet, personal, mailing, and phone researches, as well as many more. Before initiating a given research we always help clients to properly select the sample, channel, and form which it should assume. We end each market research project with a professional statistical and interpretative analysis, presenting your company with conclusions which are going to answer the initially asked questions.

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Market research and marketing - FAQ

What types of market research do you carry out?

In terms of the research carried out by Assay Consulting we carry out all efficient types of market research. We operate on B2B and B2C markets, as well as handle qualitative and quantitative research. We always adjust the form to fit the client's needs, in order to minimize the costs and maximize the effects.

How much do your market researches cost?

Each market research must be priced individually. There are no two identical problems, and thus, there are no two identical solutions. We always try to select the method and channel which will result in the best answers to the asked questions, at the same time optimizing costs.

Do I have to define the preferred method of conducting the research before initiating it?

No. Initially, at the beginning of the project, we determine with the client what will be the goal of the research. Knowing it, and combining that knowledge with an initial understanding of the company, its products, target group, and surrounding, we are able to recommend the best solution in terms of market research.

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