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Lean management

Our specialists support companies in introducing “lean management” – a concept of the company’s operation, the aim of which is to  eliminate losses , regardless of their form. In this model, everything that generates unnecessary costs or minimizes profits is a loss. It can be time, raw materials, financial resources or redundancy of internal processes. By deciding to implement Lean Management , you can achieve more with the same resources as before. Your business can be more competitive than ever by better allocating time, materials and resources.

Each project in the scope of Lean Management starts with pointing out specific areas on which we will work. We specify the added value , i.e. we define what brings a real benefit to the organization. It depends on the nature of the company, the industry in which it operates and, above all, on the definition of end and indirect customers.

The following step is value stream mapping – we present here, step by step, with special attention to detail, particular stages of the studied process . We tend to eliminate, change or combine unnecessary and ineffective steps, i.e. those that do not contribute to the added value. Then we introduce the new, reconstructed process to its full extent, including only necessary or value-adding steps.

Value Stream Mapping is a process that gives the best picture of the actual functioning of a given area of the company step by step, showing material and time losses and ineffective activities. It should be remembered that the last stage of Lean Management is the constant pursuit of perfection. As part of the project, we learn to work in a given organization according to the Lean methodology so that it becomes part of the organization’s DNA and causes the desired, eliminating losses of behavior in all its members.