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Audits and cost optimization

Enterprise Audit

As part of the services provided by Assay Consulting & Research, we conduct comprehensive <strong> financial audits </strong> and <strong> process audits </strong>. If you want to take a look at a given area of your company, check its effectiveness or compliance with applicable regulations and procedures, you’ve come to the right place. A team of professionals will hold an <strong> audit </strong> of a given area of your company – or its entirety – and will be able to sketch for you the areas for improvement, if any. We treat each <strong> audit </strong> very seriously and in a detailed way, and the conclusions thereof always answer the questions asked. We know that every company, every industry and every sector is different – hence we always act in a manner tailored to the client, avoiding templates and excessive standardization, harmful to company recommendations.

Financial audits

We start financial audits with a cross-sectional review of the data and documentation of the company concerned with the <strong> audit </strong>. We we choose, based on it, the areas we want to focus on – most often there are many of them, just like our clients who are multi-threaded. After the initial analysis and setting the directions of activity out, we start a detailed review of <strong> financial documents </strong>, focused on the assessment of irregularities, discrepancies and inaccuracies in the figures displayed. At the end of each <strong> financial audit </strong> we come back to you with precise information on the results achieved. We always prepare recommendations that will help prevent further irregularities and allow for appropriate <strong> risk management </strong> in this regard.

Process audits

Process audits are another type of project focused on a broader assessment of the company’s operations. Each review of processes operating in the enterprise requires a fully individual approach, based on experience and knowledge of the industry. We do not have as much to do with laws, regulations, directives and case law as we do with <strong> financial audits </strong>. As part of the <strong> process review </strong>, we analyze step by step what activities within a given process are performed by individual employees and systems. We examine the circulation of information and documents. We are looking for unnecessary work inputs that do not bring the desired results and cases of duplicate action. We help to implement in the company the improvements maximizing its effectiveness, often using the methodology within the framework of <strong> Lean Management </strong>.

<strong> Process audit </strong> can be treated as a cross-sectional review of particular links within the organization and its environment, examining their mutual influence on each other. The main goal here is to minimize non-value-adding resources, i.e. resources that are burned excessively for internal needs of the organization. <strong> A process audit </strong> focused on creating solutions will help your company utilize resources to generate demand to a much greater extent than before.