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Start-ups in Poland are probably the future of the economy because they are based on passion, creative ideas and innovation, and are very often formed as part of a quick response to the changing market needs. At the same time, despite the excellent ideas behind their creation, many of them fall relatively quickly. The implementation of even the best business ideas can fail due to a clash with formal requirements, bureaucracy or not exactly well-defined economic assumptions. For this reason, we recognize start-up support as one of the most important areas of our company’s operations.

We support enterprises in the initial phase of development, helping them to choose the right directions, giving the greatest chance for success in the near future. Start-up support is about sharing knowledge and experience with their founders resulting from many years of functioning in the realities of business. We want to promote great ideas for innovative business. We do not want them to be ruined only because of the threats lurking for all new enterprises.

Even for a small failure, reckless decision or ignorance of economic realities may be decisive regarding the future of your company. Cooperating with us, you gain security and confidence that our advice on formal issues of the company’s functioning as well as the identification of its needs will not only help you survive the most difficult period, but also develop at the expected pace. As practitioners, we are perfectly aware that in the initial phase of any business, the help of experienced specialists may prove invaluable, which is why we set ourselves the goal of supporting start-ups, especially those that contribute to the innovation of the economy.

If you have doubts about certain areas of your start-up’s activity – for example, finance, pricing or employment, and at the same time know that your product has great potential for development, report back to us!

Start-up support - FAQ

How does Assay support start-ups?

We support start-ups in various ways. From analyzing a business plan, through obtaining financing to ongoing cooperation, consisting of partial servicing, preparing documents or gaining partners for a joint business.

How much does the current support service cost?

If the start-up is interesting to us in terms of obtaining an investment or investing own funds, the support service is free at the initial stage of development. Other cases are priced individually.

Is it possible to outsource services as part of start-up support?

Yes. If necessary, we take care of whole functions for the needs of a given start-up. We provide accounting, legal, consulting, IT, marketing and other services. Each time the scope of outsourcing is subject to individual arrangements.

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