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Sale of a business - how is it done?

The sale of a business is not an easy process. Finding buyers, contrary to appearances, is the easiest stage – market research and price negotiations are much more difficult, as well as the expectations of both parties involved in the transaction. When selling a company, customers close an important stage in their life. Therefore, for Assay, your needs are the most important.

Sale of shares

We also help in the sale of company shares. Such transactions are burdened with high risk of losses, therefore we have assigned the employees of Assay with extensive experience and competence to assist in this process. We ensure risk minimization, a sense of financial security and the best possible results from the sale of shares. We also provide comprehensive assistance at every stage of the process.

Sales of companies

Assay is a consulting company that will help you realize the company’s sales process in a professional and lawful manner. We will help you at every stage of sales, ranging from business valuation, market research and interest among potential buyers, through assistance in negotiations with buyers, to comprehensive legal services and tax optimization.