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Risk identification and management

Knowledge about risks – both in the scope of the market and those specific for your company – as well as the possibility of their prevention are extremely important for its efficient and predictable functioning. Our team identifies risks efficiently – both existing and potential. We recommend activities that prevent their occurrence. We specialize in preventive and adaptive activities, always guided by the principle that prevention is better than cure. Comprehensive recommendations will help you become familiar with internal and external threats and prevent them from materializing.

Operational and strategic risk management

Our version of risk management begins with the preparation of a multidimensional matrix of risk factors. We help your company to distinguish specific risks, i.e., those for which you have or should have an impact, from systemic risks. These threats, related strictly to the market and the environment of your company, are not easy to manage. It does not change the fact that the awareness of the probability and potential of their occurrence, will allow your company to properly manage risk and prepare for their appearance in the right place and time.

As part of risk management projects, we support you in distinguishing between operational and strategic risks. In order to properly manage the situation, we need to know what time horizon and area of activity the given risk applies to. It is extremely important in prioritization and the selection of activities aimed at minimizing it.

Together with you, we prepare plans to manage speculative risks. These are not risks in the case of which we can be sure about their occurrence – it does not change the fact that we must determine less and more probable market circumstances. In combination with recommendations on risk management, the project implemented with us will allow you to minimize the negative impact of a wide range of threats on your company. Thanks to efficient, dynamic and professional risk management processes, you will be able to achieve a competitive advantage in situations in which less-prepared enterprises suffer losses.

Risk identification and management – FAQ

What is risk management?

According to the Polish PN-ISO 31000:2012 standard, these are coordinated activities regarding the management and supervision of the organization in relation to risk. In practice, this means that when implementing a risk management project, we conduct a multidimensional analysis that aims to highlight internal and external risks and propose actions to prevent their materialization.

Who should implement a risk management system?

A risk management project is worth implementing in any organization whose organizational size and inertia as well as market fluctuations can, with a reasonable probability, lead to a disadvantageous situation, the costs of which will exceed the costs of implementing and maintaining a risk management system.

How can I know if such factors are present in my company?

Let us get acquainted with your organization and answer this question free of charge and responsibly. You will present the subject of the business, the size of the company and the market on which it operates and we will propose an optimal solution.

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