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Modeling of internal processes of the company

A good, effective and successful process functioning in your company is the basis for generating a competitive advantage. Regardless of the nature of the process – whether it concerns recruitment, information flow or production technology, we will help you sort out its stages in a way that will allow you to minimize costs and maximize profits. We will start with mapping the current model and end with a comprehensive recommendation for processes that already exist in your company, as well as for those that should exist in it.

Process modeling is a process that should occur in every major organization. The process structure ensuring continuity and stability of the company’s functioning is the basis today. As part of our projects, we care about the complexity of the presented recommendations. The models of processes prepared by us are always characterized by several basic features.

Process models – features:

  • Completeness criterion – we never leave gaps in process chains, we never end them half-way. All maps of business processes start and end at a specific point, closing the map into one whole.
  • Transparency criterion – we always make sure that the process maps are clear, precise, understandable and transparent. This is aimed to transfer the duties, knowledge and information as well as new employees as easily as possible.
  • Efficiency criterion – as part of the process-mapping project, we always pay attention to weaker, redundant or excess elements. We recommend solutions that increase the effectiveness of the entire process to the maximum, ensuring you minimize costs and maximize profits
  • Adequacy criterion – process modeling must be adapted to the given company and the market on which it operates. Maps and models prepared by us are always preceded by the analysis of the company and its environment – the structure of suppliers, competitors and recipients. We take all these elements into consideration when preparing process models for your company.

The process modeling project implemented with us is the confidence of a successful investment together with you we eliminate time and material losses as well as any other excessive costs associated with the functioning of your company. Modeling also allows to maximize work efficiency, thereby increasing the competitive advantage of your company.

Modelowanie procesów - FAQ

What is process modeling?

Process modeling is a type of structuring of the flow of information, documents and objects in the company, which will allow them to be managed in a stable manner that minimizes costs. Structured processes are extremely important from the point of view of basing the company on them, and not on specific people and their knowledge - so that their potential shortage does not adversely affect the financial results.

What processes can be modeled?

Virtually all of them. This applies to processes in the field of work flow, other office processes, production or logistics processes. The processes in which many people participate and the lack of the one in the current situation hinders their continuity should be particularly well-structured.

How much does process modeling cost?

Each process modeling project is priced individually. It depends primarily on its current and desired shape as well as the size of the entire organization and the object itself that the process is to cover.

Do I need to know the target shape of a given process?

No. Together with you and your company, we analyze the current shape in which a given process functions and its very existence. In the next step, we recommend the implementation of the structured process and participate in its implementation if necessary.

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