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Creating business plans

If you have an idea for the development of your company and you want to examine its effectiveness before implementation, we will prepare a professional and comprehensive business plan for you. You will be able to draw new conclusions based on it, which will shed different light on the entire concept and its individual elements.

There is no need to explain how important the right plan is. Someone who has achieved success at least once knows about it. A well thought out business plan is the best map for success.

A business plan is a description of your company’s future. It’s a document that says what you’re going to do and how you’re going to do it. The business plan describes the nature of the business, sales strategies and marketing, as well as the financial background and the expected profit and loss account. Business plans are comprehensive and professional analyses, thanks to which every analyst or entrepreneur will be satisfied.

Cooperating with Our Clients, we want to reduce the risk of their uncertainty, help them set goals and indicate ways to implement them and be supportive of them. Business plans prepared by Assay Consulting are always based only on in-depth analyses of your company, its competitive environment and market prospects.

Creating business plans - FAQ

What is a business plan?

It is a plan for the development of an enterprise or its part, taking into account market, financial and process perspectives as well as the influence of external factors on its future.

Why does my company need a business plan?

The needs can be very different. From business plans created for the purpose of obtaining financing to documents specifying a precise plan for introducing new product lines or introducing a portfolio to new markets. A business plan is a document defining the next steps and their potential effects on the operations of the current and future enterprise.

How much does it cost to prepare a business plan?

Each business plan is priced individually. The costs of its preparation depend on many accidents, in particular the level of attention to detail, market reach, size of the organization and the complexity of the market environment.

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