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Business consulting

There are many elements related to the internal affairs of the company as well as its market environment under the slogan of business consulting. Our services are focused on both areas. As part of internal company matters, we will help you with any issues related to the processes in your company.

We will, among others, improve the flow of information, which is crucial for the proper functioning of the company today. We will help your company translate your development directions into specific, cost-optimal activities. Then, the projects implemented by us will bring the realization of business goals and increase profits.

Our task within the scope of business consulting is also training of teams of employees in terms of a new strategy, implementation of projects and procedures. We believe that qualified and well-prepared staff is the foundation of a well-functioning company. The basic principle of operation in this area is for us the “we do not say no” principle, because we believe that each designated goal is possible to implement, with the help of appropriate people, ideas and procedures. A wide range of competences will allow us to deal with almost every matter, from marketing to sales, and it will give you comfort of work and the feeling that you have entrusted business consulting into the right hands.

Business consultations in assay

No entity operates on the market in a vacuum. We remember this, which is why we offer a broader consulting service to your company, analyzing your competition, market environment and currently prevailing trends and forecasts. Thanks to this, we are effectively looking for development opportunities and new opportunities, which will allow your company to jump a few levels higher in the areas of its activity.

Effective business consultancy is one that brings the implementation of the previously ambitious goals, and above all translates into the measurable profit of your company. Therefore, our goal is to reduce your costs and increase your profits, in such a way that each spent penny has a specific goal, and every opportunity for earnings has turned into your profit.

Business consulting - FAQ

Why is it worth using the proposed business consulting service?

Business consulting conducted by Assay Consulting is a form of outsourcing competencies in selected areas, saving your company's time and money. Today's market is dominated by segmentation and by working with Assay Consulting you have access to the best specialists in your field.

How much does it cost and what does the settlement look like?

Each business advisory service is valued individually due to its unique nature. Depending on the possibility of defining the scope of the project, we always offer one of two options - a VAT invoice for the whole of the activities carried out or an hourly settlement. Payments for economic consultancy are made after the service or in stages - depending on the size of the project and the state of the company.

Do I have to have a precisely defined problem to use the economic consultancy service?

No. At the initial stage of the project, we help identify the problem, the resulting risks and the potential benefits of implementing improvements. It's enough that the numbers or just your premonition indicate that an element of your organization could work better than it does today.

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