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Assay business and economic consulting

Professional business consulting handled by Assay Consulting constitutes a service dedicated for medium size and large companies. A holistic approach, comprehensive service, as well as precision and discretion in terms of operation constitute the basic features of the projects executed by us. A team of specialists working with your company will indicate fields to develop, recommend changes in terms of processes, as well as support in solving problems. Regardless whether you have a formal, human related, or workflow dilemma – business consulting handled by our company will be worth its price. We are going to precisely analyze the fields indicated by you and consider the possibilities of developing them, but we will also finish it all with a report presenting what can be improved according to our knowledge and experience. Each project handled by Assay Consulting is characterized by a positive approach. We exceed beyond the frames defined at the beginning of our cooperation, looking at the company and its surrounding as a whole. After ending the analytical project we shift to the implementation phase in which we always willingly participate. We believe in recommendations worked out in terms of the business consulting handled by us and, we can take responsibility for them.

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business and economic consulting - FAQ

Why is it worth to take advantage of the offered business consulting service?

Economic consulting conducted by Assay Consulting constitutes a form of outsourcing competences in selected fields, saving your company's time and financial resources. Today segmentation rules the market, and by working with Assay Consulting you have access to the best specialists in a given field.

How much does it cost and what does the settlement look like?

Each business consulting service is priced individually, due to its unique character. Depending on the possibilities of defining the scope of the project we always propose one of two options - a VAT invoice for the total of executed services, or an hourly settlement. Payments for economic consulting are performed after the service is provided or in stages - depending on the size of the project and condition of the company.

Do I have to have a precisely defined problem in order to take advantage of the economic consulting services?

No. During the initial stage of the project we help in identifying the problem, resulting risks, and potential advantages of implementing improvements. All that is needed is for the numbers, or just your hunch, to indicate that a given element of your company could work better than it does.

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