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Tax optimization Warszawa

A well-thought-out tax strategy will save you a lot of money. Excellent knowledge of applicable tax law, business rules and accounting are the key to conducting tax optimization in a legal, reliable and best manner for your business.

Tax optimization - methods

Based on the possibilities provided by tax regulations, we will help you reduce the tax burden. Our tasks as part of the tax optimization service will include diagnosis of your company in terms of tax efficiency, creation of the optimal tax strategy for you, development of the target model, as well as support in the implementation of all the objectives and solutions set.

Tax optimization - FAQ

Is tax optimization legal?

Yes. There are no regulations in Poland that require paying taxes in the highest possible amount. Our activities within the framework of tax optimization are based on the applicable Polish law.

Should tax optimization only apply to permanent business processes, such as payment of remuneration?

No. Tax optimization can apply to one-off activities.

Do you offer one solution as part of tax optimization?

No. In Assay, it is the client who makes the final decisions. We always present several possible tax optimization solutions, as well as a detailed implementation plan for each of them.