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Lean management

Our specialists support companies in introducing “lean management” – the concept of the company’s operation, which aims to eliminate losses, regardless of their form. The loss in this model is everything that generates unnecessary costs or minimizes profits. It can be time, raw materials, financial resources or redundancy of internal processes. If you decide to implement Lean Management, you can achieve more with the same resources as before. Thanks to a better allocation of time, materials and financial resources, your company can be more competitive than before.

Each project in the field of Lean Management begins with the designation of specific areas on which we will work. We specify the added value, that is, we define what brings real benefits to the organization. It depends on the nature of the company, the industry in which it operates and, first and foremost, on the definitions of final and intermediate clients.

The next step is mapping the stream of values – we present here step by step, with exceptional attention to detail, particular stages of the process under investigation. We strive to eliminate, change or combine unnecessary and ineffective steps, i.e. those that do not bring added value. Then we present a new, reconstructed process in its full scope, taking into account only the necessary or value-adding steps.

Value Stream Mapping is a process that gives the best picture of the actual functioning of a given area of the company step by step, showing material losses, time and ineffectively performed activities. It should be remembered that the last stage of Lean Management is the constant pursuit of perfection. As part of the project, we learn how to work in a given organization according to the Lean methodology so that it becomes part of the organization’s DNA and induce desirable, eliminating losses of behavior in all its members.

Lean management - FAQ

What is Lean Management?

Lean Management is a management style based on flexibility, high quality, continuous improvement and - above all - elimination of losses and wastage. The Lean Management project is based on a very thorough examination of a given process, e.g. a production process, and selecting steps that do not add value to the final recipient, and then their elimination as losses.

Is the Lean Management concept applicable only in production?

No. Currently, the innovative approach to Lean Management as the absolute elimination of losses and waste refers to all activities that the enterprise carries out - including the work of the main offices.

How long does the Lean Management project cost and take?

Lean Management projects have a very different scale. One project can take from 2 up to 12 months and is priced individually each time. The main resultant is the level of complexity of the process and the shape of the product's path to the market.