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Due diligence

Due diligence is a very complex, multidimensional process requiring expert knowledge in many areas of business, law and finance. Our specialists will carry it out so that your confidence in the security and quality of the transaction is as high as possible. Our due diligence analysis always completes the recommendation phase in the field of tax consulting, maximizing transaction savings and its immediate consequences. This process performed by Assay Consulting & Research includes elements such as:

  • Full transaction schedule, including individual steps, stages and decision points
  • Analysis of investment risk
  • A precise and in-depth analysis of the company to be dealt with, including information on its
  • Internal functioning, costs, revenues and structure of the environment
  • Recommendations regarding the negotiation strategy
  • Plan of the target holding structure
  • Finalization of transactions in formal, real and objective terms

We are aware of the fact that our clients expect us to have an individual, personalized approach to every matter. For this reason, we do not use any previous solutions for any dedicated projects, such as due diligence. We treat each case as the number one priority and during it, our specialists in the field of business, finance and law are at your disposal – we will answer all your questions and advise you what steps to take to secure your business from all possible sides.

We invite you to use our services in the scope of due diligence as well as to get acquainted with the other elements of the offer.

Due diligence - FAQ

What is due diligence?

Due diligence is subjecting the company, real estate or other undertaking to a multifaceted analysis in terms of its commercial, financial, legal and tax situation.

When should you perform a due diligence audit?

Due diligence audits are most often carried out before making the final purchasing decision in the area of the examined item. A due diligence audit is a comprehensive analysis covering legal, market, financial and other aspects, thus allowing unnecessary investment risk.

How quickly are you able to conduct a due diligence audit?

We are aware of the frequent urgency of due diligence audits. We are able to implement the overwhelming majority within 14-60 days from the beginning.