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Cost optimization

Cost optimization in an enterprise is a complicated process requiring a high level of business maturity, knowledge of the enterprise and its environment. The most important assumption is to accept in advance that not every short-term saving pays off. Cost optimization is a completely different concept from cost reduction. When conducting an optimization project, we always suggest reducing costs that will not generate losses for the finances or the market position of the company, which will exceed the value of savings alone. We often also suggest investing in individual areas of activity at the expense of others. Cost optimization is understood as the best possible allocation of investment funds and working capital that the company has at its disposal.

Our specialists deal with cost optimization for enterprises of all sizes. In the cost optimization process, we focus on minimizing the expenses of your company, but we do it so that it does not lose its effectiveness. We eliminate unnecessary or inflated expenses together with you. We also focus on optimizing work time and structures. Our cost optimization can touch the specific area or your company that you have indicated. You decide what to focus on and we will conduct the process so that it will bring you the fastest and the largest possible profit increases.

The essence of the state of optimal costs is not based on their minimization at any price. By choosing to cooperate with Assay Consulting & Research, you can be sure that our recommendations do not harm your company in the form of turnover losses and lowering your market position. We always give priority to the implementation of objectives set for a given project, focusing on reducing costs that do not cause long-term negative effects for the organization.

Cost optimization - FAQ

What is a cost optimization project based on?

The cost optimization project consists in analyzing a given area of the company's costs or its entirety and creating recommendations for their reduction, while minimizing the negative impact on the sales results.

Do I need to know which costs I should optimize?

No. We begin each optimization project with an initial review of financial data. On this basis, we try to identify the areas in which the optimization will bring the most effects in the shortest possible time, in consultation with the client.

How long does the cost optimization project take and cost?

Each time the optimization project is priced individually. Its duration depends on the size of the company, the number of financial documents, the complexity of processes and systems, and many other factors.