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Company audit

As part of the services provided by Assay Consulting & Research, we conduct comprehensive financial and process audits. If you want to look at your area, examine its effectiveness or compliance with applicable laws and procedures, you’ve come to the right place. A team of professionals will audit an area of your company – or its entirety – and will be able to outline possible areas for improvement. We treat every audit very seriously and in detail, and the conclusions flowing from it always correspond to the questions posed prior to its performance. We know that every company, every industry and every sector is different – hence we always act in a manner suited to the client, avoiding templates and exaggerated standardization, detrimental to company recommendations.

Financial audits

We start financial audits with a cross-sectional review of data and documentation of the company audited. On its basis, we select the areas on which we will want to focus – most often there are many of them, just like our clients are multi-layered. After the initial analysis and determination of the directions of action, we begin a detailed review of financial documents, focused on the assessment of irregularities, discrepancies and inaccuracies in the figures presented. At the end of each financial audit, we return to you with precise information about the results. We also always prepare recommendations that will help prevent further irregularities and allow for appropriate risk management in this area.

Process audits

Process audits are different, focused on a broader assessment of the company’s operation. Each review of processes operating in the enterprise requires a fully individual approach, based on experience and knowledge of the industry. We are not dealing with laws, regulations, directives and case law here as much as in the case of financial audits. As part of the process review, we analyze step by step what activities within individual processes are performed by individual employees and systems. We study the flow of information and documents. We are looking for unnecessary work inputs, which do not bring the desired results and cases of duplicated activities. Often using the methodology within Lean Management, we help you implement improvements in the company, maximizing its effectiveness.

A process audit can be treated as a cross-sectional review of individual links that blend within the organization and in its environment, while examining their mutual impact on each other. The main goal here is to minimize resources that do not add value, that is, those that are burned on the internal needs of the organization in excessive amounts. A process audit focused on creating solutions will help your company utilize resources to generate demand to a much greater extent than before.

Company audit - FAQ

What kind of audits does Assay Consulting carry out?

We specialize in conducting Financial Audits, Process Audits, Cross-Sectional Audits, Documentary Audits, Audits examining the prerequisites for formal operations, Personal Audits and Due Diligence Audits.

How much does it cost and how long can it take?

The duration and costs of each audit are defined individually. There are a lot of resultants affecting the need for time and financial involvement in a given Audit. Already after the first meeting, during which we define the area and needs of your organization, we are able to provide a relatively precise framework in which the costs of the Audit will fit.

Do I need to define a problem in detail before the audit?

No. Before starting the audit, we should only know in which area, department or process functioning in your company you see the problem. We will take care of the rest at the stage of the preliminary analysis of this problem, after which we will present the proposal of the shape and scope of the audit, which in our opinion will best answer your questions and bring benefits to the company.