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Audits and cost optimization

An audit at your company means nothing else but examining a selected section or the whole for a given purpose. Regardless whether it concerns receiving detailed information on the correctness of documents, finances, document flow, or determining the profitability of a given market transaction – we can help. We initiate the audit process by defining its scope, level of details, and end products. In case of internal audits as well as the company’s surroundings, a precise definition is crucial for the project’s success. Knowing precisely which section of your company we should inspect, we are going to be able to study it from the level of the processes managing it to the content of documents appearing within it. In accordance with our philosophy we do not forget about a proactive approach – conducting an audit we do not forget that each element of the company, or even its whole, are not set in a vacuum. With each project you can count on additional conclusions and recommendations, not included in the initial scope. A special form of audits is due diligence – if you intend to purchase a company, estate, or an organized part of a given company, or you want to sell your company – we can help you. We carry out due diligence audits efficiently and provide all necessary information which you need to know in order for the transaction to be finalized, and so that the negotiations are not halted at the very last minute.

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Audit and cost optimization - FAQ

What types of audits are handled by Assay Consulting?

We specialize in handling Financial Audits, Process Audits, Cross-Cutting Audits, Documentation Audits, Audits researching the conditions for conducting formal actions, Personal Audits, and Due Diligence Audits.

How much does it cost and how long can it take?

The duration and costs of each audit are defined individually. There are many factors which impact the necessity to invest time and money in a given Audit. Already after the initial meeting, during which we will define the field and needs of your company, we are able to provide relatively precise frames concerning the Audit's costs.

Do I have to define the problem in detail before the Audit?

No. Before initiating the audit we should only know in what field, department, or process functioning at your company you see a problem. We will handle the rest during the stage of initial analysis after which we are going to present a proposition of the audit's shape and form, which in our opinion answers your questions as best as possible and is going to have a positive impact on the company.

How fast are you able to carry out a due diligence audit?

We understand that due diligence audits are often urgent. We are able to execute the majority of them within 14-60 days from initiating the process.

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