Assay Group

Assay History

The Assay Group was established with a view to developing activities in the area of economic consulting. A year later, while conducting a number of investment projects for our clients, we decided to expand our business. This is how the dynamic process of constructing the organizational structure operating today, providing young enterprises not only with capital for development, but also with comprehensive consultancy allowing them to successfully compete even on the most difficult markets.


Our goal is to invest in young, promising enterprises and support their development in a way that enables maximization of operational competitiveness on the Polish and international market. Primarily, we are interested in innovative and non-secondary solutions realized in areas with high growth potential. Due to the comprehensive and active support of the Portfolio, we are able to realize rates of return that are rare on the market.

Our terms

Each of our acquisitions is accompanied by an extensive, sixteen-factor situational analysis devoted to the development of the enterprise in the short, medium and long term. We put the greatest emphasis on the team, competitive potential, scalability and exit options


One of the overriding goals of the Assay Group is the dynamic development of the Investment Portfolio. Using the experience gained, we selectively and prudently conduct acquisitions of new companies and decide to support those with significant business potential. The accomplishment and synergy of so many projects simultaneously contribute to the dynamic growth of the company’s value.


Decision to start

The decision to invest in a given entity is taken by the Investment Committee. It is always preceded with a wide sixteen-factor analysis, which facilitates to reduce risk on the one hand, and to maximize profitability on the other. Regardless of the final decision, the founders receive from us comprehensive feedback and recommendations.


Collaboration Model

From the beginning of the existence of each entity in our structure, we take decisions together with the founders. The project is supervised by Portfolio Manager who is responsible for 3 to 5 companies. At all stages of development, both PM and the founders have a dozen or so specialists at their disposal in the domains such as: law, finance, analysis, graphics, programming, and support for current operations.


Implementation stage

The implementation of the developed concept for the market is a key stage for each company. Guided by the principle that the first impression is made only once, we make sure that the product or service is properly prepared, that the market is thoroughly researched and solutions tested. That is why the solutions delivered to the market by our portfolio companies have been popular since the first months of operation.


Business Scaling

Quick business development, increasing employment and entering new markets is often the most difficult phase in the development of a young enterprise. The support of an experienced partner is particularly important here, so during the scaling phase we focus on ensuring that the founders have all the necessary tools and a team that will support them in huge, often unknown challenges.


Sustainable development

When the business is already large enough that it pays off to shape a more extensive structure dedicated to it, we decide together with the founders on the full independence of the portfolio company. This is a process lasting from several months to over a year, which allows the entity to become independent from Assay’s internal resources and re-engagement in younger, faster-growing ventures

Meet our team


  • Łukasz Blichewicz

    Chairman of the Board

  • Iwo Rybacki

    Senior Partner

  • Paweł Kruszyński

    Senior Partner

  • Milena Krasuska

    Chief Operations Officer

Portfolio Management

  • Jakub Smęda

    Managing Director

  • Joanna Jurys

    Portfolio Manager

  • Agnieszka Gmyrek

    Portfolio Manager

  • Agata Naramska

    Portfolio Manager

  • Katarzyna Cicińska

    Managing Director

  • Maciej Nauman

    Managing Director

  • Katarzyna Golba

    Portfolio Assistant

  • Szymon Klimas

    Managing Director

  • Radosław Krzywicki

    Managing Director


  • Kinga Sieńko

    Kierownik działu Administracji

  • Anna Komar

    Information Security Specialist

  • Weronika Kaniewska

    Specjalista ds. administracji

  • Irena Pielaszek

    Asystent ds. Administracji

  • Patrycja Mika


  • Paweł Urzyczyn

    Operations Manager

Communications & Social Media Department

  • Robert Moreń

    Chief Communications Officer

  • Kamil Moździerz

    Graphic artist

  • Bartosz Gnatowski

    Digital Strategy Planner

Legal Department

  • Katarzyna Różalska


  • Iza Podleśna


Accounting Department

  • Anna Banach

    Head of the Accounting Department

  • Adrianna Kitkowska


  • Marcin Miśkowiec


Analysis and Controlling Department

  • Maciej Zawadzki

    Head of the Analysis and Controlling Department

  • Filip Ejsmentewicz


  • Dominika Michałek

    Specjalista ds. controllingu

Capital Resources Department

  • Michał Pawłowski

    Head of Capital Resources Department

  • Damian Kusio

    Capital Resources Director

  • Konrad Malanowski

    Capital Resources Director

  • Piotr Czyżewski

    Capital Resources Director

  • Konrad Gąsowski

    Capital Resources Director

  • Michał Szepsel

    Capital Resuorces Director

  • Maciej Kaminski

    Capital Resources Manager

  • Damian Malanowski

    Capital Resources Manager

  • Adrian Flisiuk

    Capital Resources Manager

  • Patryk Pawlik

    Capital Resources Manager

  • Anna Szewczyk

    Manager ds. Administracji

  • Łukasz Łabik

    Capital Resources Director

  • Dagmara Marciniak

    Capital Resources Supervisor